Mr. Mukut Behari Agarwal

Mr. Mukut Behari Agarwal has rich and extensive experience of more than 3 decade. He has an in-depth knowledge and strong understanding of various intricacies of Securities Market and Financial Services. Mr. Mukut Behari Agarwal is a person with a practical and innovative bent of mind. Perfection, Challenges and insatiable thirst for market and its awareness about its trends are few of his traits.

He holds a Commerce degree from the University of Rajasthan. In a career spanning over 33 years, he possess an accomplished and in-depth knowledge of the Stock Market and its function and changing trends. He is looking day to day dealings of company in shares and investment portfolio and in charge for financial operations of the company. He is presently on the Board of Maverick Dream Builders Private Limited, Maverick Commodity Brokers Private Limited and EFP Wealth Private Limited.